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Aging Barrels  –  Stainless Steel and Oak aging barrels for spirits and food products

Age like a big barrel in these 1 to 2 gallon custom aging barrels.  Similar wood surface area to liquid volume ratio as a traditional 55 gallon spirit aging barrel.  1″ thick quartersawn oak barrel end provides proper evaporation and oxidation for long term aging projects.



Boilers  –  15 gallon Stainless Steel boilers with stainless ferrules

Start with a durable new stainless steel keg.  Next cut and TIG weld ferrules, legs, and other stainless items as needed.




Columns, Heads, Condensers – Distillation Columns, Heads, Condensers and other still components

Pot Stills, Thumpers, Fractioning Columns (VM), and Product Condensers based on standard and proven designs for craft distilling.  2″, 3″, and 4″ Copper columns.




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