About Us

Welcome to the site for Portland Stills, LLC (Portland Stills)  We are a small, home grown company and Portland, Oregon is our home.

This is not just our business, but our passion.  Our goal is to make highly functional and flexible small batch distillation equipment with the craft distiller in mind.

Distillation equipment can be used to separate (“purify”) and collect many substances including Essential Oils, Hydrosols, Alcohol, Esters, Vinegar, Soy Sauce, Fuel, and Water.   Our highly functional equipment has the flexibility to help craft distillers excel at their craft regardless of the specific application.

Please note that the distillation of alcohol without proper licensing is illegal in most places.  In a few places it is actually illegal just to own a still.  Please educate yourself on the laws that affect you and if necessary obtain proper licenses before purchasing a still for the purpose of distilling alcohol.

Our distillation equipment is currently made to order, with up to a two week lead time.  We do all of the work in house and are happy to make design modifications or exchange components to meet your needs.  We also do custom fabrication and consulting on a case by case basis.  Please email me at otis@PortlandStills.com and let me know how I can help you.

WEB Sales Update: While we make a sweet still, we are not web experts and bringing this web site up has been slow.  Many of our items are listed in the site catalog but we are not quite ready yet for on-line purchase processing.  At this time all orders are managed person to person, starting with email.   We do hope to have on-line purchasing available soon and we thank you for your patience as we transition sales capability onto our web site.