Pot Still and Thumper w/dimroth +


Pot Still and Thumper [Configuration 2]

15 gallon boiler with 5500W basic controller and element, drain, and thermometer

2″ Pot Still Head

7.5 gallon Thumper Boiler with Thumper Head and Arm Assembly

Dimroth Product Condenser


Pot Still with Thumper – [Configuration 2]

Boiler: 15 G boiler, 6″ top ferrule and three (3) side ferrules, including drain valve and spigot and thermowell/thermometer

Power: 5500W Basic controller and ULWD Heat Element (220V/30A)

Column/Head: 2″ basic Pot Still Head with attachment hardware

Thumper: 7.5 G thumper boiler with 2″ Thumper Head and 3/4″ Arm Assembly

Product Condenser:  Dimroth Condenser.  High power condenser for Stripping and Fast Collection

* Cooling hose kit included (not shown)

* Red stand in photo not included